40 liter monoblock control valve, P40 , one spool , G 3/8" , open center single acting spool , P40 C1 GKZ1

Directional control valves are one of the core elements in a hydraulic system. They help directing the fluid to different components. P40 series are monoblock directional control valves and manufactured with up to seven levers. Hydropack offer P40 C1 GKZ1 directional control valve.

  • Max. Pressure: 300 bar
  • Number of Spool: one spool
  • Part number: P40 C1 GKZ1
  • Ports: G 3/8"
  • Serie: P40
  • Spool Type: open center single acting spool
  • Working Flow Rate: 40 L/min
  • Availability: 73
  • Brand: Hydropack
  • SKU: BP40-C1-GKZ1
Availability: 73


Number of Spool
one spool
G 3/8"
Spool Type
open center single acting spool
Working Flow Rate
40 L/min
Max. Pressure
300 bar
Part number
P40 C1 GKZ1


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