70 liter sectional control valve, 5PC70 , five spools , G 1/2" , open center spool

Directional control valves are one of the core elements in a hydraulic system. They help directing the fluid to different components. PC70 series are sectional directional control valves and manufactured with up to 8 levers.

  • Max. Pressure: 300 bar
  • Number of Spool: five spools
  • Ports: G 1/2"
  • Serie: 5PC70
  • Spool Type: open center spool
  • Working Flow Rate: 70 L/min
  • Availability: 5
  • Brand: Hydropack
  • SKU: B5PC70N1-5*PA1/T1-GKZ1
Availability: 5


Number of Spool
five spools
G 1/2"
Spool Type
open center spool
Working Flow Rate
70 L/min
Max. Pressure
300 bar


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